Q3 Infrared Car Wireless Charger


Q3 Infrared Induction Magnetic Car Wireless Charging Phone Bracket with Micro USB + 8 Pin + Type-C / USB-C Magnetic Connector(Black)


1. Smart infrared sensor mobile phone close, automatic detection, automatic closing and locking mobile phone
2. Dual mode charging, magnetic direct charging + wireless fast charging
3. Upgrade the infrared auto-sensing, auto-sensing on and off
4. Triangle solid and stable, not afraid of bumpy road conditions, reasonable design, do not cover the screen does not affect mobile phone operation
5. Use a silent motor for quiet upgrades
6. Universal rotation ball, can be multi-angle rotation, both horizontal and vertical can be placed
7. No need to set up mobile phone, magnetic DC fast charge, automatic identification, 0.1 s inductive charging
8. Pre-infrared sensor, smart stent, faster and more sensitive
9. All cell phones in general, fast charging doesn’t hurt
10. Easy to operate with one hand
11. Touch back sensor, automatically release, you can take out the phone
12. A firm grip makes navigation safer
13. Thicken the chuck to increase clamping force and avoid dropping
14. Thicken the silicon rubber cushion, increase the friction, stable anti-skid
15. Easy to install, a clip that is stable does not fall, the second speed of installation, Plug and play
16. Glass Mirror, strong clamp arm, lighting atmosphere lamp, silica gel protection, magnetic interface, bracket base, infrared induction
17. Nine Protection: over-current protection, over-power protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, electromagnetic field protection, foreign body protection
18. Whole process low temperature, prevent hot, intelligent temperature control technology chip, protect mobile phone battery

1. Material: PC + ABS vacuum plating
2. Input Power: 5V/2A 9V/1.67A
3. Magnetic head input power supply: DC 5V/2A
4. Output power: 15W, 10W, 7.5 W, 5W (automatic identification)
5. Charging frequency: 110K-205KHZ
6. Charging distance: 0-8MM
7. Size: 12.9 x 64MM
8. Net weight: about 128G


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