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A wireless charger that’ll open up to reveal an array of cords to ensure you’ll be able to charge any device anywhere at anytime.

PRODUCT PARAMETERS: TYPE-C 5pin cable ( G/V/D+/D-/CC ) Wireless Charging Memory Reader(T-flash card)/SIM Ejector Pin/Ambient Light(1W) Supports Type-C/Typc-A/ Micro/Lightning Same definition as Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro Charging Cable size: 55*86* 8.6mm/2.17*3.39*0.34in

MULTI-FUNCTION: multi-type charging cable interface, wireless charging, SIM tool set, card reader, ambient light source, mobile phone holder, light and portable strap.

CITY SURVIVAL CARD PACK: Survival in this urban forest, equipment is everything! The charging device you need is here, just turn it on and convert it into a mobile phone holder, so that you can watch movies comfortably and also support wireless charging.

CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Mini-light storage for the whole journey, worry-free, credit card size can be easily put into the pocket. Wallet. With any use, no space.


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